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Organizing and managing business travel is what we do best. We help companies make the most of what they spend on business travel and offer a wide range of travel-related services with an exceptional service level. GTS comprehensive corporate products are great cost management solutions! Our Corporate Travel Management team works with our global network of GTS offices and corporate affiliates to design one-of-a-kind yet cost effective custom itineraries for our clients

What We Offer


Key Account Management

Global Travel Solutions will designate a Key Account Manager whose responsibility is to ensure compliance with service delivery as per travel policy and service level agreement, to bring savings through vendor negotiations proactively and to provide regular performance reviews.


Travel Technology

Our online booking tool CSBT, ETO and EIG enables corporate travelers to manage their complete itineraries aligned with company’s guidelines. Defining travel policies including preferred suppliers and negotiated rates becomes easy. Built-in with travelers in mind as well as straightforward rules and processes, the tool facilitates online adoption, key to drive direct cost down.



GTS offers a dedicated contact centre located at head office manned by qualified & well trained travel consultants to cater to any emergencies out of office hours. Our consultants are accessible through telephone, email & chat for immediate resolution of any issue.

Travel Expense Management

While expansion in global trade makes corporate travel more affordable, the ability to monitor and evaluate trends ensures compliance with company policy. Whilst on one hand travel policy compliance brings savings to the organisation, our automated Travel Expense Management system ensures seamless documentation and processing of business travel expenditure by executives in a timely fashion.

MIS & Reporting

Data is critical for making travel spend, optimizing travel programs, ensuring compliance to travel policy and monitoring travel care.

Travel MIS supports effective travel data management and utilization. GTS offers automated reports, dashboards and many more customized reports that helps clients and our Key Account Managers identify, isolate and data-mine supply sources to leverage economies of scale in the strategic sourcing process.



The major role of a GTS is to keep the cost of corporate travel within predictable and realistic parameters and to optimise the travel budget of the organization. We have automated the digital
travel management system to increase efficiency and allow both travel managers and travellers to focus on what matters most. By adapting the right travel technologies, we have enforced travel policies, track and monitor trends, identify inefficiencies and more that lead to direct savings.

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