Never Miss these 5 Places during your Abu Dhabi Tour

Abu Dhabi is becoming the popular attraction in the world. Now, the tourism and leisure are playing the key role in Abu Dhabi. Most of the developments are being made from the last 5-7 years. Sounds interesting? Let check out the never miss places in Abu Dhabi popularly sorted it out by Global Travel Solutions.

Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan is the beautiful presidential palace in the UAE. The construction was began on 2010 and it took almost 7 years to complete. It’s a huge compound and to enter the palace, you will need to go through the metal detector. As you enter the palace, there is a shuttle bus which will takes you to the main hall. The access we will have only for that. As you walk thorough the tall doors, the inside of the palace will blinds you with the glittery beauty. Another interesting mini showcases in the design is the usage of handmade mosaic tiles. There is a light show also on evening.

Warner Bros world

Warner Bros Theme Park and the Warner Bros hotel is Abu Dhabi’s top Centre of attraction. This is the world’s first Warner Bros themed hotel. Applying the theme of the comics are very splendid and it is most liked by the kids as well as adults. It’s inside the world’s largest theme park which also have the world’s fastest roller coaster. There are dozens of rides and attractions which are near to the Warner Bros world and with GTS you can book your Warner Bros World tour at best price.

Yas Waterworld

Yas Island Water Theme Park is one of the best theme park in the country. This park is a beautiful cluster of interacting walkways, slides, rivers, and a coaster! It is relativity small in size but everything is so compact and crammed together, you can’t help but appreciate how amazing the design and layout is. Most favorite slides here were the Liwa Loop looping waterslide and the funnel/water coaster slide. This one was a mammoth size water coaster that dumps you into a giant funnel at the end. The Slither Slides were fun too as each one is different and delivers a different surprise. The speed slides are a hike to get up to but are worth it, especially Hamlool’s Humps, the wavey blue slide where you get amazing floater airtime on. The Bandit Bomber coaster is a good family coaster as well and takes you all over the park.

Seaworld Abu Dhabi

Seaworld in Yas Island is the recently opened marine life theme park in Abu Dhabi. This Seaworld is also a home to the animal research and rescue. At first it was planned to be constructed in Dubai but later decided to be constructed in Yas Island with the partnership with Miral. The lay out is excellent with plenty to entertain all ages. The digital media used in the park is stunning with huge video screens and an amazing ever changing dome in the polar section which is breathtaking. The animals have huge amounts of space, and are very well protected from the public. Don’t go here if you expect to be able to touch penguins and dolphins etc, because you can’t. You are admiring them from a distance which is safe for the animals.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a national museum of UAE. The combination of water and the spectacular roof structure makes it a unique architectural admiration. It is inspired from Louvre Museum in Paris and consists of some of the rarest paintings and art pieces of all time. Each gallery has at least a couple of very notable pieces. You will be loved by the way the museum puts similar pieces from around the world side by side. Spacious and easy to follow with good descriptions of exhibits. It’s just more than a museum.

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